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Good Day Sir / Madam,

The Department of Economic Development and Tourism would like to get a sense of the extent to which Western Cape based firms have applied for the UIF TERS funding scheme as provided for by the Department of Employment and Labour. We acknowledge that many of you may be feeling extremely frustrated at being asked to complete yet another survey, but the purpose of this one is for us to craft an urgent intervention to assist businesses in this area. Completion of this survey will assist us greatly in this respect.

Your participation is much appreciated.
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1. Please could you provide us with a contact number? Mobile or landline. We'd like to contact certain businesses to find out more details about your challenges.
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2. How many employees in your firm? *
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3. Did you apply for the UIF TERS funds? *
4. If you'd like to apply but have not yet done so, please tell us why you have not yet done so?
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5. How many employees were included in the application? *
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6. Who submitted the application? *
7. If your firm did its own application, how did it submit that application? *
8. On what date was the application submitted? *
9. Is information related to the UIF TERS easily accessible? *
10. Are the steps to apply to the UIF TERS easy to understand? *
(Including completing documents, templates and providing required information )
11. Was the Excel / CSV template easy to understand and complete? *
(Including calculating lost income and providing all necessary employee information)
12. Was the online submission website online, accessible and easy to use? *
13. After submission, did you receive feedback on the progress of your application? *
(Progress or possibly corrections to the application)
14. Which municipal area is your business located in?
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15. Are there any other issues that you would like to bring to our attention?
(Please feel free to speak your mind...)
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