CCGHR 2020 Abstract & Poster Call
6th Annual CCGHR Student-Led Global Health Forum (Date: March 7th, 2020, Location: University of Waterloo) - Global Health in Context: Unpacking the Political, Economic, Environmental, and Social

How can we define global health? How do political ideologies, changing environments, and social norms all intersect to affect our health? And what does placing health in context mean? Our goal for the 2020 CCGHR Student Forum is to critically engage with these questions, bringing into focus these seemingly invisible influential factors on our health and well-being.

The 2020 CCGHR Student Forum Planning Committee is extending an open invitation for the submission of any project or piece related to global health. This is an open opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to showcase their ideas, school projects, innovative projects, creative talents, or health promotion pieces. This opportunity allows undergraduate students who may not have a research project to gain experience in presenting at a professional conferences and gain feedback on their presentation or topic of choice. We wish to provide students with practical learning experiences and a glimpse into innovative and interdisciplinary approaches to real-world problems.

Applicants are welcome to submit summaries for their health-related project to be presented through a POSTER SHOWCASE. We encourage participation from students of all undergraduate years, as this is an opportunity to highlight a health challenge or solution that may not be regularly discussed. Presentations will be non-competitive and presenters will be given the opportunity to gain feedback on their topic and presentation, while sharing their work with students and other attendees.

Come out to present your work and network with our speakers and facilitators such as:

Gautham Krishnaraj, PhD (c)
With a Masters in Global Health from McMaster Univeristy, he has also served as Head Delegate to the UN Economic & Social Council Commission and OECD, and supported the Internal Medical Corps' response to the West African ebola outbreak in 2014. He is continuing his humanitarian work as Director of Training Programs for HumanitarianU and as a National Youth Advisor to the Canadian Red Cross.

Dr. Craig James
A medical anthropologist at the University of Waterloo, his work in social sciences, public health, and global health policy has awarded him the National Medal of Honour from the Government of Mongolia, the highest award given to a non-national.

Dr. Warren Dodd
Dr. Dodd's research focuses on how factors such as poverty, migration, food security, and climate change interact and shape health and development outcomes. His work has brought him to the cold northern territories of Canada, across Central America, Southeast Asia, and East Africa.

...and more, including Dr. Susan Elliot, Dr. Jennifer Liu, and Dr. Olive Wahoush! Feel free to email or visit the facebook event page ( for further questions and inquiries.

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