Collaborative Learning Academy Application
The United Way of Clallam County’s Clallam Resilience Project is seeking applications from organizations located in Clallam County who are interested in the journey to become more trauma sensitive. We are offering a free 9-month Collaborative Learning Academy for 6-10 local agencies based on the stated needs of our community. Kitsap Strong’s models of Collaborative Learning Academies (CLA) and Community of Practice are being used as springboards to help develop Clallam County’s local leaders and champions, promote co-learning, and foster resilience.

The purpose of the Collaborative Learning Academy is to:
1) Educate and provide general curriculum flow based on the pace of the cohort over 9 monthly sessions including but not limited to NEAR Science by ACE Interface, Seven Essentials Ingredients of Trauma Informed Care by SaintA, and Community Resilience Initiative. These frameworks are broad enough to provide any organization the tools to engage in organizational change to become trauma sensitive, from social service organizations to health care providers and for-profit companies.
2) Allow for shared learning across work teams to practice in the cohort and bring back actionable steps to lead their organizations in becoming more trauma sensitive. Help create a common language and a cohesive, consistent experience across the Olympic Peninsula.
3) Collaborate with other organizations and identify new partnerships that will enhance our community’s ability to serve our clients.
4) Practice self-care/mindfulness/community support to allow for an optimal learning experience.

To be considered, applicants must designate 2-4 persons within their organization who have the capacity, ability, and influence to support their agency’s staff and/or volunteers to:
1) Enhance services/support for clients and employees in becoming more trauma sensitive
2) Build empathy and understanding for the impacts of childhood trauma on adult health and behavior
3) Cultivate an organizational environment that helps each employee and client flourish

We are reconsidering the Collaborative Learning Academy application due date, format and meeting dates. Since the landscape of “collaboration” and meeting together is rapidly changing, we will let you know when we make any decisions about what is next on our horizon.

Total estimated time commitment for each participant: 27-30 hours. Selected participants are expected to attend each 3-hour training. We had planned for the trainings to be held on the third Tuesday of the month at the Lincoln Center, 905 W. 9th Street in Port Angeles: April 21, May 19, June 16, July 21, August 18, September 15, October 20, November 17, and December 15 from 9:30am -12:30 pm.

Each selected agency will be asked to support the cohort by contributing to one of the training’s openings: a 5-minute welcome explaining where you would like this journey to take you, your organization, and our community

Who is this Training geared for?
Entities including organizations, businesses, and community coalitions that are:
• Striving for higher staff satisfaction and improved client/customer outcomes
• Familiar and have exposure to the Neuroscience, Epigenetics, ACEs, and Resilience (NEAR) Science & are asking "Now what?" questions
• Committed to transforming how we support one another to break intergenerational transmission of trauma in our community. Examples of partners who provide supports and hope-filled engagement include, but are not limited to:
• Health Services: chemical dependency, mental health, pediatricians, primary care
• Social Services: child welfare, housing & homelessness, food banks, domestic violence, senior services, victim services, basic needs, faith-based services
• Criminal Justice: juvenile/adult programs, law enforcement, court services, first responders, organizations offering support services in these facilities
• Child Education Services: child care providers, preschools, school districts, before/after school activity providers, mentoring/tutoring, and youth-serving organizations
• Early-intervention/Prevention Services: home-visiting, parent educators, peer-support programs (adults/youth)

Questions about the application, application deadline, and related issues should be directed to Minnie Whalen with the Clallam Resilience Project at the United Way of Clallam County, or at 360-457-3011. Our initial application due date is March 20, 2020. Due to current public health events, we will consider circumstances and extensions. Please reach out directly to us if interested.

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7. What is your agency's sector? *
8. What would it mean for your entity [organization/business/coalition] to become trauma-sensitive? Please consider the potential impact for clients, staff, and/or stakeholders. *
9. Please name your candidates (2-4), their emails, and include why you selected these individuals to participate in the Collaborative Learning Academy. Please elaborate on their roles/capacity, influence/leadership, training & facilitation skills. *
10. How will your entity [organization/business/coalition] ensure your candidates have the time and support to work with full participation needed from the staff to attend the Collaborative Learning Academy? *
11. Why do you think your entity [organization/business/coalition] is ready to engage in a transformation process to become trauma sensitive at this time? *
12. Are transportation costs a barrier for attending this event? *
13. If you answered "Yes" in the previous question, please explain the financial burden of transportation. A limited number of gas cards will be available to those where cost of transportation is a barrier. *
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By writing your name in the box below, I affirm that I am an authorized representative of the above-named lead partner organization, this submission represents the original proposal of this organization and its partners, all information contained herein is true, accurate, and complete to the best of my knowledge, and that of any partnering organizations and if selected, the organization will in good faith participate in the partnership as described herein.
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