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If you would like Word Lovers Book & Literary Club to review your book, please complete this form FIRST. Do not send your book until you have received a response from one our book club members.
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We like to interview authors of books we select for our indie author publication, Knowing. Do you consent to an interview if your book is selected? *
If accepted for our reading list, are you interested in your book being considered for "The Best Book Award?" (This is a yearly event created by our Club. There's no cost to you.) *
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A member of Word Lovers Book & Literary Club will review this form and email you a response within 48 hours. Please do not send your book before receiving a response. We do not read erotica or books we consider to be the "thug genre." While we enjoy reading a juicy scene or two, even these must be written with elegance and style. We post our reviews on Amazon and Goodreads websites. Our reviews are copyrighted and cannot be altered by anyone for any reason. If we select your book, we will share your book with our constituents. Your book becomes the property of Word Lovers Book & Literary Club and will not be returned to you. Please know that we believe in our authors and will do our best to promote your work. Thank you for considering us. We will be in touch.
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