'Spring Mind' - Sesshin 2017 Registration Form
Dates: 7-14 October 2017
Location: Cloud Mountain, Berry (South of Sydney)
Teacher: Roshi Susan Murphy
Closing date for registrations: 1 October 2017
Sesshin Coordinator Lizzie Finn can be contacted with any inquiries at lizziefinn@iprimus.com.au, tel: (08) 9337 8729 or txt 0417 584 735


‘I went out following the scented grasses,
and came back following the fallen flowers.’
‘That is Spring mind itself.’

Join us for our classical seven-day Spring Sesshin with Roshi Susan Murphy

Spring at Cloud Mountain is the season of falling citrus blossoms, morning mists, a thousand birds, occasional wombats, many frogs…and Sesshin.

Sesshin is the offer of deep immersion in the Dharma in a setting of silence, zazen and silent work practice, with periods of open sitting and walking in the afternoon, opportunities for Dokusan (personal interviews with the teacher), and Teisho (Dharma talks) in the evening.

Spring Mind is the willingness to settle deeply and clarify heart and mind, allowing sorrows and joys to mature into human wisdom and compassion. It’s the intimacy of not-knowing, not-forcing --- just opening to the natural radiance of being more fully here.

Roshi Susan will be assisted by Apprentice Teacher Kirk Fisher from Melbourne Zen Group at this Sesshin, which will also include the beautiful Ceremony of Jukai (Taking the Precepts) for several people.

Spring Sesshin typically fills early. Don’t delay if it’s your intention to attend.

Please note:
1. Spring Sesshin usually fills early, so don’t delay your registration if it is your intention to attend.
2. If visiting from interstate please book your return flights no earlier than 5pm on the final day of the retreat. It sometimes happens that there can be delays on the train line from Berry to Sydney due to trackwork.
3. For insurance reasons it is necessary to be a member of the Zen Open Circle in order to attend this retreat. Please register for the retreat using this form and our Membership Officer will contact you shortly with information about your membership renewal.


Full time attendance (Saturday to Saturday): $490 + dana*
Full time concession: $400 + dana*
Part time: $80 per day + dana*
Part time concession: $65 per day + dana*

What does the Sesshin fee include?
Zen Open Circle is a not-for-profit organization. Apart from sesshin, our teacher Roshi Susan Murphy receives no payment at all for the generous time she devotes to teaching. Your Sesshin fee includes a contribution towards sesshin costs such as food, accommodation, consumables, insurance etc, with surplus funds from fees, if any, being put toward general ZOC revenue (from which Sesshin scholarships are drawn).

What is 'dana'?
Dana is the practice of generosity and is central to the life and sustainability of our community. With dana we celebrate the many ways in which we benefit from the great gift of existence and help to support each other's work. As Roshi Susan does not receive formal payments for her teaching, it is customary that we offer dana in the form of money at the end of each retreat. This money helps to make possible the ongoing gift of Roshi's teachings and is an acknowledgement of the special relationship between teacher and student. These offerings come from the heart and remain anonymous in nature. These offerings can be made in cash at the retreat, or via direct deposit in the account below:

Dr Susan J Murphy
Commonwealth Bank Lane Cove
BSB: 062 192
A/c: 10063102

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Food and Health
Medical Dietary Requirements
All meals are vegetarian. We are able to accommodate a small number of essential food requests. If you have food allergies, please describe them here, so that they can be factored into Sesshin shopping and preparation.
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Personal Factors
Are there any personal factors that may affect your participation in this retreat. This might include concerns for your physical/mental health, and or other life factors? Please note: This information will be treated confidentially.
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Attendance Details
Please plan to attend from the first day. Where space is limited, priority is given to those who are attending the full retreat. All other arrangements to attend must be discussed with the Teacher or Sesshin coordinator and approved prior to attendance.
Is this your first time attending a sesshin with Zen Open Circle?
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Please note that people attending a partial retreat must attend the first day of the retreat unless previous approved by Roshi Susan
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Sesshin Extension
You can apply for one of six places open for people with a committed practice to extend sesshin in 'private retreat'.

A retreat schedule will be constructed by the people taking part and will include: meditation, rest, walking, samu and dokusan (twice per day).

The basis for this extension is $75 per day for food and accommodation, plus Dana for the teaching.

I would like to apply for one of the six sesshin extension places
We use this information to help organise carpooling and to help with bringing food/equipment to Sesshin. If you are offering transport, please indicate how many seats you have available. It is possible for those who can catch a train to Berry (NSW) to be collected from the train station.
How will you arrive at the retreat?
Where will you be travelling to Sesshin from? This information will help us to connect people who are travelling from similar locations, and arrange transport supports as needed.
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I need transport from...
I can offer transport and have space for this many people
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I can help with transporting food/equipment
I could help with sesshin shopping
Support with shopping for the sesshin groceries is greatly appreciated!
Sesshin Fees and Donations
When you complete this form you will receive an email with fee payment options. Payment of the sesshin fee will secure your place in this event. If you would like to discuss the possibility of a scholarship/bursary please email Sesshin Coordinator Lizzie Finn on lizziefinn@iprimus.com.au
I would like to donate to the scholarship fund
Follow this link to donate now: http://bit.ly/28X7htJ
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