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Fulbridge is seeking a social media guru to manage the Fulbridge Instagram!

About the Fulbridge Instagram:
Created this year, the Instagram enables Fulbridge to connect ETAs worldwide by visually showcasing Fulbright life around the world. Posts aim to lend insight not only into grantee life in different countries, but also into the countries in which Fulbright grantees are placed.

Position duties include:
- Work with the Country Representative Coordinator to develop a regular posting plan and schedule
- Regularly gather material from Fulbright grantees
- Coordinate with other social media and blog posts to operate under a larger social media strategy

Ideal candidates will be:
- Self-directed and self-motivated. Able to work with minimal supervision and assignment; good at setting own goals and schedule.
- Collaborative team members who enjoy working with others
- Able to come up with creative methods to gather content from a wide range of ETAs worldwide
- Able to define an Instagram strategy that will continue to build interest in the Fulbridge project among multiple audiences (ETAs, researchers, prospective grantees, advisors, Embassies and Commissions)
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What kind of content would you want to see on the Fulbridge Instragram, and why? Include specific suggestions for types of posts, and/or a posting schedule.
What do you think the Instagram, specifically, has the potential to do for the Fulbridge project? What kinds of posts would you want to see more of?
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How would you gather content from Fulbright grantees?
How will you gather photo content not just from ETAs in your own grant country, but from others as well? How would you schedule or stockpile content so as to build a regular posting schedule?
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