For Freedoms Project
Featured last fall on 22 News WWLP, the For Freedoms Project is a national civics project that works to amplify community voices via art. Forest Park Library, in partnership with a cohort of Massachusetts Libraries, Library Initiative for Teens and Tweens, and Young Changemakers in 21st-Century Libraries, will be participating for the second year in a row to make sure youth voices are heard! Children and teens are legally unable to vote, but their voices and opinions still matter. The For Freedoms Project allows youth to express these opinions for the adult population to see and consider on their way to the poles. This year, we're taking For Freedoms to the virtual world. We're inviting teens to submit their beliefs and opinions for display!

For more information on last year's project:

About For Freedoms:

About the four freedoms:


1. Sign creation will occur via virtual class visits or independently from October 1 - 15.

2. If you are an educator and would like a Zoom session visit for your class, please fill out this form accordingly. Sessions are 20-minute orientations that will be a brief discussion of civic responsibility, the four freedoms, and tips on creating their signs. You will have to have your students create their signs independently as homework. Multiple classes may be present for each class visit.

3. Copy this folder of Google Drawing Files ( for yourself. You can can draw, type, or insert images on top of the Google Drawing files to finish the prompts. When determining what to write on the sign, BE SPECIFIC. Don't just say "Freedom from Racism". Go the extra length and say "Freedom from Racism in the Economy". For examples of things that have been written, please look at the photos in the news article! Think about what affects you and those around you.

4. For educators: Attend a workshop or orientation. During or after, students can draw, type, or insert images on top of the Google Drawing files to finish the prompts. Students can fill out English and/or Spanish signs.

5. Please submit all files to or upload them to our Google Drive ( by October 15, 2020.

6. We will create a digital exhibit showing everyone's responses online.

7. Librarians will physically replicate 40 - 50 of the responses to be displayed on lawn signs in front of libraries and library polling locations.

8. Participants must be between the ages of 12-20 to participate.

9. If you are of legal age to vote, please vote on November 3, 2020!


1. No profane language may be used. Swearing, explicit sexual language, and violence will not be allowed. These submissions will be deleted and not displayed.

2. Libraries are public spaces and, in some cases, poling locations. This means it is not ethical (or legal) for us to accept or display signs aligning with or promoting specific political candidates or parties. If you feel passionately about a specific candidate, please write a response that illustrates the reasons why you like or dislike a candidate without naming anyone.

3. Try to refrain from using one word answers! While in some situations less is more, try to think in depth what it is about a certain topic or theme that makes you feel so passionately.

4. Please keep all responses anonymous. Do not put names, addresses, or organization names on the posters. They will not be displayed. The only people who will be able to see the names are educators and librarians accepting submissions. All responses will be kept anonymous.

5. Get creative! If you speak better in drawing, then do so! Drawing submissions will be displayed online as our librarian can barely draw a circle and wouldn’t be able to replicate your work in the way it deserves to be!

6. Just have fun!

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