Febrile Neutropenia Quiz
Created by Chris Galbraith and Connor Bohlken
Edited by Dr. Paris Ingledew
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You are a 3rd year medical student on call for the wards for Internal Medicine. Mrs. Actquick is one of your patients, she is a 67 year old female recently diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). She was admitted to hospital for Failure to Thrive likely secondary to her AML and was initiated on Chemotherapy (Cytarabine) with curative intent, she is on day 5 of her treatment. You are called by the nurse on the floor. She reports the following: Mrs. Actquick’s oral temperature is 38.4 Degrees Celsius and her most recent CBC demonstrated an absolute neutrophil count of 0.1 x 10^9 Cells/L. Which respect to diagnoses and treatment which of the following is correct?Untitled Question
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Having made your decision plan for Mrs. Actquick, you call your attending at 0200 AM to present the case.  Even though you woke up your attending, they are ecstatic that you caught febrile neutropenia, as it is an oncologic emergency.  They ask what antibiotics you would like to start.  You answer:
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