Scholarship Request Form
Scholarships are available until 2 weeks before programs begin. After that you can still fill out a form but it may need to apply to the following season or will depend on funds available.

This is a scholarship for families that cannot participate without assistance - to improve equity of access to nature in our community for underserved and low income families. We will consider based on how many requests we get and how to fairly spread the funds out.

If we are able to accommodate your request, you will receive a scholarship code to apply to your registration. If the program is full, please register to the waitlist so we can add you if possible. Thank you!

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I understand that this program is not subsidized in anyway except participant fees and donations. By applying for a scholarship I am committing my child to attend in full. I am requesting funds in good faith that without these funds we would not be able to participate. I understand Ventura Wild may not be able to accommodate my full request, but will try! PLEASE "sign" YOUR NAME BELOW AGREEING TO THIS STATEMENT *
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