Enough Executive Board Application
Enough was founded as a partnership between Sexual Assault Prevention & Advocacy and Fraternity & Sorority Life to address power based personal violence within the fraternity and sorority communities at NDSU. Through awareness activities and educational programming, students involved in Fraternity and Sorority Life at NDSU will gain knowledge regarding power based personal violence and build a more supportive community which works to create an environment free from violence.

If you are interested in serving on the Enough Executive Board, please fill out this form. Once you complete the form, you will receive an email with a blank program proposal. Please complete the program proposal with an event that is educational in nature and send the completed proposal back by April 22nd to be considered for a position.

Applications are due on April 22 by 11:59 pm.

The following positions compose the Executive Board. Please read each position description and weekly time commitment thoroughly before applying.

President - 7 hours a week on average
-Represents the FSL community on the Presidents Council for Campus Well-Being
-Leads Executive Board and General Body meetings
-Have monthly meetings with both advisors
-Supervises each executive board member

Administration and Finance - 5 hours a week on average
-Plans one fundraiser each semester
-Utilizes a fundraising committee to assist in planning and implementation of fundraisers
-Maintains accurate roster of the organization
-Communicates all dates and times to the FSL community and Enough membership
-Records and organizes all meeting agendas and minutes

Events and Programming - 5 hours a week on average
-Plans programs for each semester
-Utilizes an events committee to assist in planning and implementing events

Public Relations and Membership - 5 hours a week on average
-Post regularly (at least 3 times a week) on all Enough social media platforms
-Organize and attend repeating tabling events to promote the organization
-Create and distibute promotional materials for the organization
-Utilize a recruitment committee to assist in growing the organization

Community Partner Outreach - 5 hours a week on average
-Establish relationships with outside community partners
-Advertise and encourage the use of on campus resources
-Collaborate with the YWCA, Rape Abuse Crisis Center, and other relevant community partners

Minimum Qualifications:
- Active member of fraternity or sorority at NDSU
- Cumulative 2.5 GPA Minimum
- In good standing with the University
- Able to attend group meetings
- Commit to membership for at least one academic year (pending extenuating circumstances)
- Must be in good standing with your chapter

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email EnoughNDSU@gmail.com
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