2019 INTESOL Conference Proposal
Thank you for submitting a proposal for the 2019 INTESOL Conference. The conference theme is Teachers as Leaders for Change.

All proposals are due September 1, 2019 by 11:59 PM EST. Presenters will be notified of acceptance in mid-October. When receiving your acceptance, you must immediately commit to attending (by registering for the conference) or rescind your proposal. Please fill out the below proposal form. Thank you for your submission!

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Types of Sessions
Discussion Group (45 minutes, 3 presenters max.): An opportunity to discuss a hot topic in TESOL in a structured roundtable format. The discussion leader(s) should have a strong knowledge of the designated topic and should include the audience in the discussion.

Panel Presentation (45 minutes or 90 minutes, 2 or more presenters): Two or more individuals speak, leaving at least 10-15 minutes for audience questions and responses. In one format, each speaker may present 15 to 20 minutes. In another format, each speaker may make brief opening remarks (for example, 5 minutes) before the panel enters into a moderated discussion.

Poster Session (45 minutes, 2 presenters max.): A visually explanatory exhibit that allows for short, informal discussion between the presenter(s) and attendees, as attendees circulate within the poster-session area. Poster sessions serve as an important and interactive forum for sharing professional ideas and for receiving feedback.

Practice-Oriented Presentation (45 minutes, 3 presenters max.): A session that shows, as well as tells, a technique for teaching or testing. The presenter should spend no more than 10 minutes explaining the underlying theory.

Research-Oriented Presentation (45 minutes, 3 presenters max.): An oral summary with occasional reference to notes or a text that discusses the presenters’ topic and work in relation to theory and/or practice.

Roundtable Discussion (45 minutes, 1 presenter): Peer-to-peer facilitated discussions with a small group of attendees. The facilitator should have a strong knowledge of the topic and be able to engage everyone in the discussion.

Workshop (45 minutes or 90 minutes; 6 presenters max.): A carefully structured, hands-on professional development activity. The presenter(s) and participants tackle a problem or develop specific teaching or research techniques.

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Interest Section Descriptors
Adult/Community Programs brings together professionals who represent the knowledge, precepts, and skills of two distinct but compatible areas: adult or community programs and English as a second language.

Advocacy sessions discuss issues related to advocating for English Learners, TESOL, etc.

Applied Linguistics explores language learning and communication through the application of theory to real-world contexts.

Elementary Education fosters recognition of ESOL as an academic discipline in elementary education, increases awareness of elementary ESOL educators’ needs, and develops new professional resources for teachers and their students.

Intensive English Programs addresses issues related to curriculum design and implementation, assessment, teaching standards, and research relevant to teaching English primarily to nonnative international students attending intensive and semi-intensive programs related to regular academic study.

Refugee Concerns addresses the language, cultural, social, and legal needs (and their interconnections) of refugees at all ages and stages of life.

Secondary Schools represents professionals in the area of secondary education whose task is to ensure that secondary-level TESOL students develop the linguistic, cultural, and cognitive skills necessary for success in an English-speaking context.

Teacher Education discusses issues relevant to ESL/EFL teacher education, promotes professional development of ESL/EFL teachers, and formulates policy that will improve conditions of employment and learning for teachers and students.

Technology focuses on how educators use technology to teach English Learners or share research.

University/Higher Education advances effective instruction, promotes professional standards and practices, influences and supports policies of TESOL and other associations, determines needs, and considers all other matters relevant to ESL in colleges and universities.

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