Job Security - Conversion for Casual Staff
We Need You to win Secure Work
Our campaign on inductions and training was a great start. However, we’ve listened to you and what casuals across Deakin are telling us is that job security is the biggest issue.

All staff deserve job security. Casually employed staff are what hold our universities together – without us, Deakin would stop running. Casualisation negatively impacts the university, employees and students. It is past time that our contributions were recognised. It is time for secure work.

We know we can win the right for conversion into ongoing work for academic and casual staff – indeed, this is an important part of our Log of Claims in the current Enterprise Bargaining negotiations. This means the right to convert casual work into secure part-time and full-time roles. However, to do this we need to build on the momentum and success of our SuperCasuals campaign at Deakin.

To win this campaign, we need you.

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