#Transforming911 Call For Stories
Forward Through Ferguson and Humans of St. Louis are teaming up to create a photo storytelling series for #Transforming911, a community accountability and advocacy tool that examines the 911 landscape in the St. Louis region and serves as a call to reimagine public safety. We hope to amplify St. Louisans' experiences with calling and using 911 services.
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What's your 911 story?
Your story might include your experience as a St. Louis resident, 911 dispatcher, service provider, or advocate; whether or not you are comfortable with calling 911 and why; if you've ever hesitated to call 911; what happened when you called 911; and more...
If you're interested in sharing your 911 story, please fill out this form.
A storyteller from the Humans of St. Louis team will reach out to follow up with an email, call, or video chat if your piece is selected. If you can't access this form,  please send 1-2 paragraphs (140 words max) about your 911 story to humansofstl@gmail.com with the subject: #Transforming911.
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