2019 MATE AZ Regional - ROV (Underwater Robot) Competition
Volunteer Sign-Up for April 27th, 2019 MATE Regional Competition
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Arizona will be hosting a MATE Regional Competition for 4th-12th grade students on April 27th 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM at the University of Arizona Recreation Center (1400 E. 6th St) https://arizona.materovcompetition.org
Please check all of the areas that you are willing to help out with for our competition along with the times you are available to help. Training will be provided.
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Engineering Presentation Judging
Each team will provide a presentation to a set of judges describing the engineering of vehicle, operation and safety issues. Teams will also highlight design innovations and creative solutions to solving the product demonstration tasks. Judges will have time to ask the students questions.
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Marketing Display Judging
Teams will provide a marketing display providing clear and concise information about their companies geared towards an audience who may be interested in teams' products and services.
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Product Demonstration Judging
Teams will have 15 minutes to demonstrate the capabilities of their ROVs to complete the Mission Tasks in the pool. Two judges will be available for each team. One judge will time and score student teams on the pool deck. Another judge will be in the pool (shallow end) to verify the task completion and reset the prop equipment in the pool. Teams of judges can switch out with each other.
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Scoring and Organizational Help
We will need volunteers to help with the team check-in, scoring table, directing teams, and organizing equipment during the competition.
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