We Support the AU Staff Union!
Dear AU Community,

Following in the footsteps of the AU Adjunct Faculty Union and the AU Graduate Workers Union, AU Staff are coming together for a stronger voice on campus by organizing a union with SEIU Local 500. We ask that you stand in solidarity with AU Staff as we assert our right to protect ourselves and our livelihoods by joining together in union! Show your support by adding your name below to our public statement of support!

You know us as advisors, administrative assistants, program coordinators, and many other titles, but what you may not know is that we are overwhelmed, underpaid, overworked and unheard by the administration. In the midst of the COVID-19 global health crisis, the issues we deal with daily are increasing and compounding. For too long, we have stood by and watched our university suffer from poor working conditions leading to high turnover among staff impacting the ways we can support students and faculty. Now our campus community has suffered furloughs and increased workloads with cuts to retirement and merit increases, all while leaving us out of the rooms where the important decisions are made.

We are pursuing our vision of a just university where every worker, no matter their background, has a real opportunity for advancement and the resources that allow us to support our families and remain in our communities. A strong, diverse, well-supported staff is necessary to foster a campus environment in which students can learn, faculty can teach, and AU can live up to our highest values. For our community to thrive, we must create a more democratic workplace together, a workplace where students, faculty, and staff are working together towards making the university a more just, fair, and transparent institution.

We ask that you stand with AU Staff and support our efforts to win a union so we can bargain for the common good for all of AU! Please add your name below to our public statement of support!

In Solidarity,

The AU Staff Organizing Committee
We stand as a united campus community in support of the AU Staff Union! *
Sandra Mansour (Graduate Student); Edward Rehfeld (Alumni); Kayla Kelly (Undergrad); Ashley Holst (Alumni); Desiree Maruca (Alumni); Ashley Holst (Alumni); Jacob Klein (Alumni); Andrew Parker (Alumni); Brian Nguyen (Alumni); Nick Do (Alumni); Stephen Silvia (Faculty); Christine Gettings (Staff & Alumni); Walker Rutter-Bowman (Staff); Ryan Carroll (Alumni); Adam Fishbein (Alumni); Cristina Gee (Undergrad); Sarah Dunn Phillips (Alumni); Alexis Rogers (Alumni); Patrick Fort (Staff); Megan Lauvetz (Alumni); Nora Bent (Alumni); Kai Thompson (Alumni); Mark Exley (Family/Friend); Andrew Toksoz-Exley (Alumni); Richard Hirn (Alumni); Alexander Heaton (Alumni); Mohammad Qureshi (Alumni); Alexis Rogers (Alumni); Devin Gannon (Alumni); Ellery Spahr (Alumni); Lauren Peressini (Alumni); Katie Kirchner (Alumni); Elijah Wilson (Family/Friend); Gabriela Quinn (Alumni); Olivia Hoppe (Alumni); David Shadburn (Alumni); Jason Breeding (Alumni); Sarah Snead (Alumni); Emily Andre (Alumni); Katherine Saltzman (Alumni); Gabe Bullard (Staff); Lauren Silber (Alumni); Nikhat Ghouse (Faculty & Alumni); Melissa Becher (Faculty); Paige Watson (Alumni); Gwynn Pollard (Alumni); Stefan Kramer (Faculty); Nora Bent (Alumni); Josh Gutmaker (Alumni); Kathleen Vaughan (Alumni); Valeria Ojeda-Avitia (Alumni); Devin Mitchell (Alumni); Sarah Aldridge (Graduate Student); Asher Huey (Alumni); Christopher Bangs (Family/Friend); Gabriel Gopen (Alumni); Symphony Bruce (Faculty); Derrick Jefferson (Faculty); Cydney Grannan (Staff); Kallie McGrath (Graduate Student); Brooke Holmes (Family/Friend); Isabelle Atkinson (Graduate Student); Nora Bent (Alumni); Kevin Davis (Family/Friend); Jessica Agostinelli (Alumni); Cherrie Bucknor (Alumni); Amanda Hermans (Graduate Student); Catherine Dziegrenuk (Unite Here); Emma Hall (Graduate Student); Bethany Holmes (Family/Friend); Rachel Robinson (Faculty); Emily Norton (Alumni); Jessica Agostinelli (Alumni); Anabel Reyes-Ovalles (Alumna); Taylor Moore (Graduate Student); Molly Pfeffer (Alumni); Ahmed ElEraky (Alumni); Kathy Duong (Alumni); Stephanie Sonkin (Alumni); Alexya Brown (Staff); A.C. Valdez (Staff); Erin Logan (Alumni); Jordan Pascale (Staff); Jasmine Dean (Undergrad); Amanda Young (Alumni); Kayla Eaton (Alumni); Sydney Collins (Community); Richard Cunningham (Faculty); Aaron Marks (Alumni); Julie Depenbrock (Staff); Becca Menzer (Staff & Alumni); Keshini Ladduwahetty (Community); Ashleigh Shaw (Alumni); Gregory Montross (Alumni); Jacob Weilerstein (Undergrad); Geri Mitchell (Staff); Silas Engel (Undergrad); Gabrielle Healy (Staff); Chris Chester (Alumni); Alex Wisbiski (Community); Kathryn Fink (Staff); Samantha Bertocchi (Community); Ally Schweitzer (Staff); Pat Cash (Alumni); Amanda Young (Alumni); Elizabeth Pancotti (Alumni); Richard Cunningham (Faculty); Thomas Smith (Graduate Student); A.Kierig (Community); Mark Lieberman (Alumni); Brian Kramer (Undergrad); Laura Fuchs (Alumni); Jaclin Ngo (Undergrad); Michala Phillips (Alumni); Elizabeth Eldridge (Family/Friend); Alli Torzolini (Alumni); Stephanie Hernandez (Community); Matthew Mead (Alumni); John Waaben (Alumni); Kyndall Green (Alumni); Hannah Klaus (Alumni); Michala Phillips (Alumni); Magdeline Vasatka (Alumni); Madeline Blanchard (Undergrad); Jerry Busher (Family/Friend); Abby Gritz (Family/Friend); Chloe Rubenstein (Alumni); Breanna Bellatti (Alumni); Ben Cole (Alumni); Maya Ewart (Family/Friend); Kym Rice (Family/Friend); Nathalie von Veh (Alumni); Nuruddin Aziz (Alumni); Kalina Newman (Family/Friend); Joe Kekeris (Family/Friend); Dariush Kafashzadeh (Community); Nell DeCoursey Brennan (Undergrad); Joshua Gritz (Family/Friend); Jessica Stern (Undergrad); Abby Gritz (Family/Friend); Shawn Gritz (Family/Friend); Angie Luvara (Faculty); Zach Hill (Undergrad); Beshou Gedamu (Graduate Student); Anna Woodbury (Community); Metin Toksoz-Exley (Alumni); Laura Karr (Alumni); Malgorzata Rymsza-Pawlowska (Faculty); Nancy Jo Snider (Faculty); Audrey Barnett (Undergrad); Tanya Aquino (Alumni); Cora Coggshell (Undergrad); Daniel Gauthier (Alumni); Trevor Morris (Parent); Sami Pye (Undergrad); Joseph Benge (Undergrad); Kaitlin Jencso (Faculty); Jessie Sadel (Undergrad); Shayna DeSilva (Family/Friend); Kavi Farr (Undergrad); Ryan Hale (Undergrad); Beheen Dabestani (Alumni); Anna Janson (Undergrad); Katia Portela (Undergrad); Henry Jeanneret (Undergrad); Ari Silver (Undergrad); Hannah Sawa (Undergrad); Julia Larkin (Undergrad); Kevin Gibbons (Faculty); Matt Nolan (Friend/Family); Jack Leinwand (Undergrad); Jane Palmer (Faculty); Hannah Wines (Undergrad); Allison Dolce (Family/Friend); Richard Otten (Community); Lauren Greenberg (Undergrad); Kevin Sciackitano (Undergrad); Eileen Findlay (Faculty); Dori Rathmell (Undergrad); Photo Collective (Organization); Mercedes Fernandez (Undergrad); Elizabeth Gilmore (Alumni); Talia Marshall (Undergrad); John Totaro (Family/Friend); Emma Garry (Undergrad); Molly Dondero (Faculty); Daniel Felipe Noriega Guerrero (Graduate Student); Garrett Graddy-Lovelace (Faculty); Leena Jayaswal (Faculty); Sarah Morgan (Undergrad); Francesca Cameron (Alumni); Nancy Diaz (Alumni); Katina Tsangarides (Alumni); Betty Malloy (Faculty); Theresa Rundstedtler (Faculty); Lily Wong (Faculty); Jill Rothschild (Faculty); Dawne Langford (Family/Friend); Joseph Orzal (Community); Abby Quick (Faculty); Maddux Pennington (Faculty); Malini Ranganathan (Faculty); Natalie Peek (Undergrad); Whiting Wicker (Faculty); Jordanna Matlon (Faculty); Kristina Crona (Faculty); Ross Kleinman (Family/Friend); Emily Schmid (Family/Friend); Mary Gray (Faculty); Henry Summ (Alumni); Scott Freeman (Faculty); Maria Schneider (Alumni); Dylan Warner (Undergrad); Issac Kuriakose (Undergrad); Taeja Milton (Undergrad); Andrea Salas Pulgarin (Undergrad); Gabrielle Bertrand (Undergrad); Cathy Schneider (Faculty); Mack Guthrie (Undergrad); Amelia Haymes (Alumni); Robin Broad (Faculty); Kendra Salois (Faculty); Anna Hickey (Undergrad); Roosevelt Network at American University (Organization); David Vine (Faculty); Ames Jewart (Graduate Student); Peter Kuznick (Faculty); Kayla Kelly (Undergrad); Moira Nolan (Alumni); Summer Lybarger (Undergrad); Daniel Cohen Undergrad); Charlotte Hart (Undergrad); Hannah Barrett (Undergrad); Issac Kuriakose (Undergrad); Kennedy Andara (Undergrad); Elizabeth Dalianis (Family/Friend); Janelle Davis (Undergrad); Kayleigh Thompson (Undergrad); Devon Rodriguez (Undergrad); Hannah Peschier (Undergrad); Chenyang Xiao (Faculty); Theo Hyman-Bockman (Undergrad); Alexander Grossman (Undergrad); Josh Kaplan (Alumni); Celine-Marie Pascale (Faculty); Lucy Hermann (Undergrad); Bennett Thompson (Undergrad); Diana Gertsenshteyn (Undergrad); Emmett Patterson (Alumni); Caroline Krekorian (Undergrad); Margot Lamson (Community); Ryan Rauber (Family/Friend); Alexandra Silverthorne (Faculty); Laura Ellis (Undergrad); Eliot Martin (Undergrad); Jacob Gee (Undergrad); Dean Kessmann (Community); Ethan Ferbel (Undergrad); Caroline Powell (Undergrad); Kirby Cofino (Alumni); Kristie Brown-Myett (Community); Jeanette Nicewinter (Faculty); Jason Wieder (Undergrad); Morgan Fecto (Former Staff); Cassie Castro (Alumni); Caitlin Friess (Alumni); Emma Loventhal (Undergrad); Mihika Gokarn (Undergrad); Katia Portela (Undergrad); Renan Rocha (Undergrad); Hannah Wilson-James (Alumni); Owen Boice (Undergrad); Aileen Pradhan (Undergrad); Madison Ren (Undergrad); Peter Marshall (Family/Friend); Jose Alvarado (Alumni); Abigail Goldner Morris (Undergrad); Chloe Gavigan (Undergrad); Lily Hart (Undergrad); Kayla Benjamin (Undergrad); Chad Loftis (Family/Friend); Tara Moriello (Undergrad); Summia Mahmud (Undergrad); Ben Hughes (Undergrad); Rachel Watkins (Faculty); Sofia Dean (Undergrad); Cassidy Stoneback (Undergrad); Fossil Free AU (Student Organization); Talia Marshall (Undergrad); Max Miller-Edwards (Undergrad); Abigail Goldner Morris (Undergrad); Shannon Clark (Graduate Student); Tomas Moser (Undergrad); Tobey Noble (Graduate Student); Prachi Jhawar (Undergrad); Cherén Alvarado (Undergrad); Sarah Wells (Undergrad); Charlie Everett (Alumni); Mike Heywood (Undergrad); Topher Mathrusse (Former Staff); C Dambro (Community); Sonya Jackson (Family/Friend); Matthew Templeton (Graduate Student); Alexandra McDougle (Graduate Student); Chelsea Cohen (Alumni); Angelo Cocchiaro (Undergrad); Courtney Brown (Community); Laura Damerville (Family/Friend); Liz Watson (Family/Friend); Jessica Shea (Alumni); Devontae Torriente (Alumni); Siobhan McGuirk (Alumni); Brian Higdon (Community Member); Lisa Lipinski (Family/Friend); Nicole Boyd (Family/Friend); Jay Budd (Alumni); Chris Walsh (Family/Friend); Ian Evans (Alumni); Zitian Sun (Alumni); Anna Bonomo (Alumni); Faith Nissel (Family/Friend); Jay Budd (Alumni); Adam Needelman (Alumni); Sean Robinson (Family/Friend); Morgan Stahr (Alumni); Dylan Coyle (Alumni); Beth Soderberg (Alumni); Solida En (Alumni); Heather Williams (Alumni); Andrew Demshuk (Faculty); Marivic Tagala (Alumni); Daniel Oshiro (Alumni); Erick Jackson (Family/Friend); Lisa Mueller Scott (Alumni); Erin Jones (Alumni); Mar Stratford (Alumni); Adam Needelman (Alumni); Celia Lohr (Alumni); Hannah Southern (Alumni); Ryan Barto (Alumni); Liam Carbutt (Alumni); Aqeel Yaseen (Family/Friend); Emily McGranachan (Alumni); A.J. Manuzzi (Undergrad); Nick Guthman (Alumni); Julia Rapp (Alumni); Kenny Nero (Community); Susan Shepler (Faculty); Hannah Montgomery (Alumni); Elizabeth Geglia (Graduate Student); Jonathan Aris (Alumni); Kirsten Jay (Alumni); Jill Manuel (Community); Dylan Kenney (Alumni); Stan Molchanov (Community); Charlie Coffey (Graduate Student); Alexandra Ferrera (Former Staff); Katherine Ruckle (Alumni); Mya Zemlock (Alumni); Philippa Keosheyan (Undergrad); Bailey Harper (Graduate Student); Rachel Mandelbaum (Alumni); Sebastian Ramirez (Alumni); Eric Perless (Graduate Student); Elizabeth Irlbacher (Alumni); Christopher Sang (Alumni); Brian Blonder (Alumni); Nikko Bilitza (Alumni); Ian Malone (Undergrad); Krystal Chong (Alumni); Rachel Corn (Undergrad); Shereka Mosley (Alumni); Tom Lebert (Graduate Student); Elizabeth Von Buhr (Alumni); Elizabeth Falcon (Alumni); Paul Blakeslee (Alumni); Tova Seltzer (Alumni); Noelani Kirschner (Alumni); Jonathon Kazakoff-Eigen (Alumni); Adrienne Pine (Faculty); Mike Kaib (Alumni); Xena Itzkowitz (Alumni); Kris Trivedi (Alumni); Eamon Martin (Alumni); Michael Artz (Faculty & Alumni); Sanjay Supan (Alumni); Cheryl Westfall (Family/Friend); Alexander Heaton (Alumni); Lauren Anderson (Alumni); Steven Bradley (Family/Friend); Jackson Savoy (Community); Thomas Meyer (Alumni); Diana Alonzo Watkins (Alumni); Noah Rosen (Graduate Student); Bruce Berger (Faculty); Jordan Sanders (Family/Friend); Jason Yanussi (Alumni); Catelyn Cowher (Family/Friend); Jeff Behrens (Alumni); Meg Walsh (Family/Friend); Rose Jaffe (Family/Friend); Anne McLeer (SEIU Local 500); Catherine Bocskor (Faculty); Seth Koch (Family/Friend); Linda Hesh (Family/Friend); Curren McLane (Community); Christena Howell (Family/Friend); Pat Jakopchek (Alumni); Amelia D’Entrone (Alumni); Steven Bradley (Family/Friend); Will O’Neill (Alumni); Rob Heramb (Family/Friend); Matthew Hurst (Alumni); Richard Phillips (Alumni); Kathryn Braisted (Alumni); John Dickson (Family/Friends); Rob Heramb (Family/Friend); James Thomson (Family/Friend); Jason Yanussi (Alumni); Alyssa Tufano (Graduate Student); Patrick Burnett (Alumni); Alex Vidales (Family/Friend); Russell Warburton (Alumni); Zachary Morrice (Alumni); Kathleen Calcerano (Alumni); Corina Wixon (Family/Friend); Bradley Harmon (Alumni); Erika Schlachter Sward (Alumni); Brianna Musselman (Alumni); Bryan Kasper (Alumni); Michael Palermo (Alumni); Casey Smith (Community); Joe Thwaites (Alumni); Oliver Contreras (Family/Friend); Karen Kleinman (Family/Friend); Avi Gupta (Family/Friend); Elizabeth Hansen (Family/Friend); Julie Radomski (Graduate Student); Kate MacDonnell (Family/Friend); Sarah Woods (Alumni); Meg Walsh (Family/Friend); Tara Culp-Ressler (Alumni); Alexander Heaton (Alumni); Laurel Wolf (Graduate Student); Karen Garcia (Alumni); Rebecca Schroeder (Alumni); Jes Walton (Graduate Student); Megan Nissel (Alumni); Emma Zaballos (Alumni); Sam Reilly (Alumni); Matt Winter (Alumni); Rebecca AbuRakia-Einhorn (Alumni); Sam Menefee-Libey (Graduate Student); Jon Youngs (Family/Friend); Megan Shea (Alumni); Josephine Chu (Alumni); Annelise Cohon (Alumni); Audrey Irvine-Broque (Alumni); Prachi Sharma (Alumni); Victoria Bosselman (Alumni); Kate Brunette (Alumni); Rebecca Borton (Alumni); Laura Kiefer (Alumni); Quinn Pregliasco (Alumni); Caitlin Duffy (Alumni); Deirdre Shelly (Alumni); Jay Budd (Alumni); Cherie Saulter (Graduate Student); Behany Zaiman (Graduate Student); Ethan Miller (Alumni)
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