The Future of Feminism Needs YOU: An Open Call for Advisory Group Members
We are in search of volunteers to comprise an Advisory Group that will oversee the development of an New Directions for Evaluation issue proposal titled, “Intersectionality: The Future of Feminist Evaluation.”

-Individuals with a passion for feminism!
-Individuals with intersectional identities (race, age, class, ability, sexual orientation, education, religions, etc...)
-Individuals with a commitment to moving past diversity, inclusion, & equity to a space where we are deconstructing systems of oppression
-Individuals with an interest in issues of intersectionality
-Individuals who are eager to actively engage in consensus building
-Individuals with a willingness to be flexible, dynamic, and co-create an emergent proposal development process.
-Individuals with skills in facilitating reflective practice for the group (this is a *BONUS*)
-ALL are welcome to join; no interested parties will be turned away

The proposed NDE edition is dedicated to both reflections and explorations of intersectionality as a key dimension in the advancement of feminist evaluation (FE) theory, practice, and application in evaluation. It builds on the 2002 NDE's issue dedicated to FE and positions FE’s search for relevance in the complexity embedded evaluation landscape. Enabling factors and challenges are revisited and re-envisioned to address mainstreaming’s elusiveness.

-Availability for monthly video calls
-Engagement in email correspondences during key, strategic junctures in proposal development
-Assistance selecting additional co-editorial team members
-Monitor editorial team progress
-Offer accountability to ensure the group’s values are upheld
-Helping to craft a dynamic process for proposal development
-Uphold standards of transparency, inclusion, equity
-Engagement in, and facilitating of, group reflective practice activities

If interested, please leave your contact information below!
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Thank you for your interest!
Please reach out to Libby Smith (, Jane Whynot (, or Kathleen Doll ( if you have questions, comments, or further ideas!
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