Directors UK - member pay survey
For too long too much money has been spent on management and not enough has been invested in the creative people who make great programmes.

Directors UK wants to work across every genre to increase directors' pay for all.

But to do this we need to build an accurate picture of what directors are currently being paid so we can effectively campaign for pay that truly reflects the director’s responsibility and seniority.

Our Pay campaign can only be as strong as the survey response, we need every Directors UK member to complete the survey. Please encourage all your fellow directors to complete the survey so we can better understand your genre and start campaigning for you.

Further information about our Pay Campaign can be found here

If you have any questions about our Pay Campaign please contact Ali Bailey, Head of Campaigning:
This is optional but will make it easier for us to follow up if we have any queries, this information will not be shared with anyone outside Directors UK
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