2023 Jan. 12 Charles Springer Portland Section Dinner Meeting Reservations
DATE: Thursday January 12
LOCATION: Reed College Vollum Lounge
ADDRESS: 3203 SE Woodstock Blvd, Portland, OR 97202
URL: https://www.reed.edu/map/reed-campus-map.pdf
TIME: 6-9 PM

6-6:45 PM: Happy hour with hors d'oeuvres & drinks
6:45 PM: Buffet dinner   
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7:30 Program

SPEAKER: Charles S. Springer, Jr.
Advanced Imaging Research Center, Chemical Physiology and Biochemistry, Biomedical Engineering
Oregon Health & Science University

Talk title: Human MRI Does Non-invasive Chemistry: Mapping Metabolic Activity

Magnetic Resonance Imaging [MRI] turns 50 this year. It is now an indispensable diagnostic method for almost all of modern medicine, and will be very familiar to audience members. However, it is not often emphasized that MRI is chemistry-based; arising as it did from chemical NMR spectroscopy. Because of the ubiquity of biological tissue water, the water proton [1H2O] resonance is by far the strongest NMR signal: those from all other stable, biological MR nuclides are much, much weaker. In MR imaging, spatial resolution is proportional to NMR signal strength. Thus, essentially all clinical MRI is 1H2O-based, and it focuses almost entirely on depicting anatomy. It is well known to produce exquisite, non-invasive views of internal tissues [but even this is based on physical chemistry principles].

However, can MRI do even more than display anatomy? For years, MRI chemists have tried to use biological non-water-1H, 13C, 23Na, and 31P MR signals to glimpse metabolic aspects in vivo. But their poor spatial resolution poses serious obstacles. We are working to use the very strong 1H2O resonance, and it's concomitant high spatial resolution, to measure on-going metabolic activity in addition to anatomy. Specifically, we will report the first non-invasive, high resolution images of sodium, potassium pump activity. It can be argued the ubiquitous membrane pump, Na+,K+-ATPase [NKA], is biology's most vital enzyme. We will show NKA activity images of the normal brain, and inside a deadly brain tumor.

Note: After 15 years (probably longer—no one remembers!) of charging $20 as the general price for an ACS dinner, the EC has decided to raise our prices for 2023. Dinners will still be highly subsidized; recently the average cost to us has been $50-60 per person. We are raising the price to $25, still a great deal!  Two things will remain the same: students, high school teachers, and unemployed-but-looking members will still get a $10 discount, and the prices will still go up by $5 after the deadline has passed, so get your reservations and payments in by the deadline.

$25 Regular dinner per person (pay online below or prepay by check).
$15 Student/teacher/unemployed dinner per person 
FREE for presenters, speakers, awardees.

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PAY AT THE DOOR  is $5 extra ($30 regular, $20 student).

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