2017 TN Bike Summit - Feedback Survey
Your feedback is important to us and continues to help make our annual summit better and better.

We clocked 93 seconds to answer the questions required. If you're able to spare around 3 - 5 min to add a little more personal feedback and insights, we'd greatly appreciate it!

To sweeten the pot, submit by MONDAY, JUNE 5 and include your email and you'll be entered to win a $25 gift card of your choosing to: Amazon.com, Better World Books (new & used books with a social mission) , or The Clymb (outdoor gear deals).**

Background / About you
Just some basics.
What type of ticket/role did you have at this year's Summit? Okay to select more than one. *
What is your occupation or professional role? If you "wear more than one hat," you can select up to 3 *
If you are an urban planning professional, did the availability of CE/CM credits influence your decision to attend?
Have you attended the TN Bike Summit before? *
About the Summit - Please rate the following aspects of the Bike Summit.
On a scale of one (1) to double rainbows (aka 5), let us know how your experience was. Disclaimer, descriptions are guidelines. The numbers are for the measurable data to help with more objective insights. :)
1 = Blah; Very unsatisfied; Disappointed; Not your best work
2 = Meh; Unsatisfied; Needs improvement; Would give it a second chance
3 = A-okay; Satisfied; Pretty good; Minor temptation to duck out for BBQ Fest
4 = Heck yeah! Very satisfied; Full of awesome
5 = Hot dang! Excellent; Exceeded expectations; Really valuable; Double rainbow all the way
1 - Very unsatisfied
5 - Excellent
Date & time
Food & beverages
Social events
Exhibitors / Sponsors
Any specific feedback on the above? Examples: How was the level of expertise, variety of topics, educational value, length of workshop times, etc?
Your answer
Overall, what did you think of this year's Summit? *
2017 TN Bike Summit - Overall
What did you like most about the event? Favorite session or speaker?
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Looking ahead
What to keep / What to change or improve / What to add
What to keep. What things worked best? If there was one thing we absolutely should keep, what would that be?
Your answer
What to change. What would you have changed? Anything that would have made your experience better?
Your answer
What to add. Any new ideas you’d like to share? Topics or speakers would you like to see added?
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Anything else we should know?
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Okay follow up with you about your feedback?
** Submit by MONDAY, JUNE 5 and include your email to be entered to win $25 gift card of your choosing! **
We'll be selecting two winners for $25 gift cards to one of these online stores*: Amazon.com, BetterWorldBooks.com (new & used books online retailer with social/environmental mission), or TheClymb.com (outdoor gear deals). *Bike Walk TN is not associated with any of these brands. Just wanted to mix it up and give the winners a choice, and perhaps make our lil' gift go a little further.

Submit by Monday, June 5 and include email below.

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