6.2 Blood Systems- vessels 2/26/18
Read: text pages: 290; 295; 297; 304 use modified Cornell summary format.
You will need to make changes to Cornell summaries turned in Monday if it is not in modified Cornell format. Where or what is this modified Cornell format- it is on the General Page or blank copies are available outside the room.
Watch the youtube below and practice drawing the heart. Watch/ read about the girl with blood vessel disorder.
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The blood system continuously transports substances to cells and simultaneously collects waste products. * *
6.2.3 Arteries convey blood at high pressure from the heart to the tissues of the body. Describe structures that allow for this pressure. *
Outline structure/ function for capillaries *
Outline structure/ function for veins *
Contrast arteries and veins *
Describe why this girl's condition - must mention blood pressure issues in your answer not on the treatment regimen http://www.bbc.com/news/health-43119315 *
Create a list of new terms for blood vessels so far - put a semi-colon between terms *
Describe varicose veins *
Describe an anyeurism *
Describe the role of skeletal muscles to move blood from your feet to the heart. * *
Outline clot formation from memory *
list composition of blood- from memory *
Rate your ability to Identify blood vessels as arteries, capillaries or veins from the structure of their walls from images or micrographs. *
not at all
accurate everytime
Watch first then practice and re-watch
If you submitted your Cornell summaries and flash cards today-check all that apply *
Do you need to do the dichotomous key activity- come on Thur afternoon *
Have you gone to the tabs:Topic Ventilation Topic Blood System *
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