Propensity Score in Complex Survey Contexts
Pre-workshop quiz for based on the following pre-reading:
Austin, P. C. (2011). A tutorial and case study in propensity score analysis: an application to estimating the effect of in-hospital smoking cessation counseling on mortality. Multivariate behavioral research, 46(1), 119-151.
Respondent's name (optional)
How familiar are you with the propensity score analysis? *
Not at all
Very familiar
How familiar are you with the complex survey data analysis (such as NHANES, BRFSS or CCHS)? *
Not at all
Very familiar
What is the first step of a propensity score analysis (according to Austin, 2011)? *
How did Austin (2011) estimate the propensity score? *
In Table 1 of Austin (2011), what balance diagnostic was used to compare the baseline characteristics of treated and untreated participants? *
Which of the following approach is not a direct propensity score analysis technique? *
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