Expansions Initiative Application
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What is the name of your college or university?
What is your current undergraduate year?
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What is your major?
Have you decided what you want to do after your graduate? If so, please describe your current plans. If you are not sure, say so, and let us know what you are considering.
What best describes your current level of interest in applying to a PhD program in Political Science?
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Which of the following traditional areas of political science research do you think you are most interested in? Choose Two:
How many classes have you completed that required you to use statistics or conduct some form of data analysis.
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Political methodology is the subfield of political science that focuses on the quantitative and qualitative methods political scientists use to study politics. Many universities require one or more introductory courses in political methodology where students learn the basics of research design, statistics, and other methodologies. In 500 words or less, describe your experience with political methodology and / or statistics. What classes have you taken? What research projects have you worked on? What tools have you used? If you do not have much experience yet, that is fine. Tell us why you think you might be interested in political methodology.
Thinking about your undergraduate coursework and other research experiences, which of the following tools have you learned about or used? Select all that apply.
Are you Spanish, Hispanic, or Latin?
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Which of the following options best describes your racial or ethnic identification?
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Which of the following options best describes your gender identification?
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Can you commit to participating in the entire first session of the ICPSR Summer Program (Daily Online Classes June 21-July 22)?
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Do you have access to reliable internet service capable of supporting your participation in online classes?
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In order to be considered for this fellowship, you will need to submit one faculty letter of recommendation. Please provide the name and email address of your recommender, who should send their letter to Clayton Webb, webb767@ku.edu (.pdf file format preferred).
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