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Code of Conduct

All members, guests and associates of Newbury Cricket Club must adopt the following code of conduct:

1) Equality.
i) All members, officials, opposition players, guests and visitors are to be treated without discrimination and with respect.
ii) If members witness any form of discrimination it must not be condoned or allowed to go unchallenged.

2) Fair Play.
i) Members, guests and associates are required to play and watch cricket in the spirit of the game as defined in the Preamble to the Laws of Cricket, and to promote fair play, recognizing good performance as well as match results.
ii) The decisions of the match officials must be respected and complied with without dissent.
iii) All members are encouraged to learn the Laws of the game.

3) Personal Conduct
i) When attending Newbury CC organized activities, members, guests and associates must avoid any conduct which could bring the club or the game into disrepute, and must not be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.
ii) Members should refrain from criticising other players or match officials in the press or in any other public forum.

4) Availability and Selection
i) Teams will be selected by committee of the captains on playing merit. Members wishing to play cricket are asked to make their availability known to the captains at least seven days in advance of each match and to avoid subsequent withdrawal for any reason. At the discretion of the selection committee, selection priority will be given to members who adhere to these criteria.

5) Safeguarding Children. Where involved with junior cricketers in any capacity, members, guests and associates must:
i) Know and follow the ECB guidelines set out in "Safe Hands - Cricket's Policy for Safeguarding Children," and any other relevant guidelines issued.
ii) Follow Newbury CC's Code of Conduct for Coaches when coaching or acting as assistant coaches.
iii) Where required, hold a current DBS check, relevant qualifications, and be covered by appropriate insurance.
iv) Place the well-being and safety of young people above the development of performance, and respect the authority of coaches and junior managers.
vi) Pay particular attention to their personal conduct, especially with regard to fair play and respect, and restraint in the use of alcohol and bad language.

Members, associates and guests failing to follow this code may be subject to disciplinary measures including temporary suspension or permanent expulsion from the club at the discretion of the committee, subject to the appeals provisions set out in the club's constitution.

You can download the Code of Conduct Club document from here

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