#TrueBlueLiu: Petition for John Liu
ALL HANDS ON DECK! We're launching a secret surprise sneak attack on our final IDC member, Tony Avella -- BUT WE ONLY HAVE THIS WEEKEND TO DO IT. We have a candidate: John Liu! But we need to get him on the ballot, and time is running out! Sign up for a shift on Saturday and/or Sunday to collect signatures. Only requirement is that you are a registered Democrat (confirm your registration here: https://voterlookup.elections.ny.gov). We'll train you if you've never petitioned before. It's easy!

We're suggesting 4 hour petitioning shifts. Our field office is located at Dunkin Donuts in Oakland Gardens, 21522 73rd Ave
Bayside, NY 11364, which will be the start and end point of your shift. Turf is located at most a 15 minute walk from this location. The best way to get there is the QM5 express bus (pick up at 49th and 6th, drop off at 73rd Ave/Bell Blvd.). We can also make arrangements to pick you up at the Bayside LIRR Station.

You will petition with a partner, if you prefer; and NoIDCNY will sponsor refreshments! NoIDCNY will also reimburse reasonable public transportations costs (LIRR/Express Bus costs).

You will receive a follow up email confirming your signup and providing specific instructions. THANK YOU!

#noIDCNY #Sept13thPrimary #ParticipationMatters #VotingMatters

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Saturday, July 7th
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Let's give Avella a shocking surprise when he's finds out he suddenly has an amazing challenger!
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