Stop the South Tacoma Mega Warehouse Endorsement
The City of Tacoma permitted a 2.5 million square foot warehouse in South Tacoma for Bridge Point LLC.
This mega warehouse could mean up to 12,000 vehicle trips per day through neighborhoods that already experience higher levels of pollution and serious health impacts. Over 100 acres of greenspace above an aquifer recharge zone will be paved, potentially causing long term damage to our water supply, less tree canopy and displacement of wildlife. There is also concern that the type of jobs typically associated with large warehouses will not be union or living wage positions.

City of Tacoma gave this project a Mitigated Determination of Non-Significance, which is being appealed by 350 Tacoma and the South Tacoma Neighborhood Council. The City has also failed to conduct a Health Impact assessment.

Please add your information below if you feel this project does not belong in South Tacoma!

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