2019 Fairport Lift Bridge Regatta - Amateur Radio Support
This year's Fairport Lift Bridge Regatta will take place on Saturday September 28th, 2019 on the Erie Canal, Fairport, NY
Ham Info http://rochesterham.org/PublicService/LiftBridge.htm
Event Website http://www.fairportcrew.org
Directions and parking map: https://www.regattacentral.com/regatta/?job_id=5201

This form will be used to collect Amateur Radio volunteer support information used by Net Control during the event, and to coordinate assignments to the various volunteer radio support roles.

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Please check all radio capabilities that you will have available to you for the day of the event.
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This is a number that Net Control can use to contact you on the day of the event if we are unable to reach you via the radio.
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Time Restriction
The amateur radio involvement in this year's event will likely span from 6:00am until 3:00pm. Please list any time restrictions you may have (ie, need to secure at a certain time, etc.)
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Preferred Assignment
Do you have a preference as to your assignment for this year's event? Roles include land-based assignments, and water-based assignments. One land-based assignment is at an isolated location and may not have electric power or shelter. Water-based assignments are in a small power boat and require that you remain on the water for the duration of the regatta, with a break for lunch. If so, please comment below.
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Health Considerations
Do you have any limitations which may prevent you from being assigned to certain roles? If so, please explain below.
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Emergency Contact Information *
Please provide a name, phone number(s), and relationship to you of an emergency contact person, to be used if you are taken ill.
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Please leave any other comments, questions, or concerns below (and APRS callsign/SSID if applicable).
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