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Glad to see you here! To check if we're a good fit for each other, I need to know a little more about you!

This is your chance to share why you're interested in rope bondage and what you hope to achieve. Don't worry about sharing too much detail. That only makes it easier for me to share with you what I know. :)

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Student Snapshot
What type of rope bondage practitioner are you? *
i.e. 24/7, Only in the Bedroom, Lifestyle, Advocacy, etc.?
Currently, where are you on your rope journey? *
How long have you been practicing rope? What sort of bondage do you do?
Will you be attending alone or as a pair? *
Who are the key decision-maker/s? *
Do you and your partner have an equal say on important choices? Are you in a D/s relationship? Does your group have a designated leader who is responsible for making the decisions?
What is your budget for rope/kink coaching? *
Be honest and I'll let you know what we can realistically do within your budget.
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