National Camp Exchange 2020 - Staff Application

First and foremost we would like to thank you for applying for the National Camp Exchange. With the help of our wonderful sponsor Octapharma, we can all help create and cultivate a fun and inviting bleeding disorder camp experience while providing camps with experienced staff.

The main emphasis of this program is to provide a mechanism for an exchange of practices between and among bleeding disorder camp programs, as well as provide a venue for leadership development.

This application is for the 2020 camp season of the National Camp Exchange. Please read the following guidelines before completing the application.


To qualify you must:

- Be 18 years of age or older
- Have bleeding disorder camp experience

Application Process and Approval Guidelines

- Complete the necessary application. Completing the application does not guarantee acceptance into the NCE program.
- You will receive an email within 72 hours to confirm your application was received
- The application will be reviewed by the NCE committee. An NCE committee member will contact the applicant with any questions pertaining to the application.
- Application approvals will be given within two weeks of the application date via e-mail.
- Upon approval participant will be required to sign an NCE Code of Conduct
- Once approved, the participant of the exchange will coordinate with the camp to arrange travel. (Please reference travel reimbursement protocol)
- Upon completion of the camp exchange, the participant will be required to do the following as a participant: Send in a testimonial letter or short video and complete a post camp evaluation about the program.
- Applicants can be approved for up to two exchanges per season.
- Application deadline for 2020 Camp Season is May 30th, 2020.
- **Further vetting processes may be required by the specific camp you are going to. I.E. background check, request of references, drug tests, ect...
- **Industry employment does not automatically preclude a person from being accepted by NCE. Applicants who
work for industry will be approved on a case by case basis and are subject to the host camp policies regarding industry.

Travel Reimbursement Protocol

- The National Camp Exchange will cover approved participants for the cost of flights only.

- If other expenses accrue during your travel, it is up to you and the camp you are attending to discuss those reimbursements. If the camp cannot cover those expenses, it is up to the discretion of the NCE committee to approve reimbursement for those expenses (I.E. rental car, hotel stays, ect.)

- Flights will be booked between the approved participant and the camp they are approved for. If the camp or participant cannot cover the cost of the flight up front please contact the NCE committee.

- Please make sure that your application is approved before booking your flights. The reimbursement parameters are listed below:

• East Coast (MI, GA, SC, NC, OH, WV, VA, KY, IN, FL, NY, NJ, CT, MD, PA, DC, RI, MA, ME, NH, VT) to West Coast (CA, ID, OR, WA, NM, NV, UT, CO) (and vice versa) reimbursement up to $500

• Midwest (MT, WY, NE, ND, SD, IL, AR, LA, TN, WI, MO, MN, MS, KS, OK, IA, WI, TX) to East or West Coast reimbursement up to $375

• West Coast to Alaska or Hawaii reimbursement up to $600

• Midwest to Alaska or Hawaii reimbursement up to $700

• East Coast to Alaska or Hawaii reimbursement up to $800

- Participant must follow the parameters set by the NCE program committee.

- In the event that the parameters do not meet the flight cost parameters, participant must receive written approval to go over the limit set from the NCE committee.

- Upon approval of the participants applications, they will receive a reimbursement form. Forms must be completed and returned back to the committee. Reimbursements will be processed after the exchange has been completed, a testimonial letter, video and pictures has been sent to the committee and the post exchange evaluation has been completed.

- The deadline to turn in travel reimbursement forms is 30 days after the participants exchange is completed.

**We are NOT accepting international applications at this time.

*Upon application completion, the Arizona Hemophilia Association, National Camp Exchange and Octapharma have permission to contact you with any comments or questions.

Please direct any questions to

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I have read and understand the above qualifications and guidelines for the National Camp Exchange program.
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