Lake Stevens Cascade Award
Do you know someone who has a beautiful, sustainable, Lake-Friendly garden or landscape? Submit a nomination by July 31, 2019. Award finalists and the winner will be announced at a public ceremony in Lake Stevens this fall.

Using the form below, submit a nomination for the City of Lake Stevens' Cascade Award. The winner and runners-up will receive city-wide recognition with a special plaque and award ceremony. And, don't be afraid to nominate yourself if you are proud of your own lake-friendly yard! We look forward to your submissions.

In order to not have you create or log in with Google, we removed the question about adding photos. PLEASE send us some photos of your nomination's garden/landscape/yard to the email below. THANKS so much!

Questions? Contact Kari Quaas with Snohomish Conservation District at or call 425-377-7021.

2nd Annual City of Lake Stevens Cascade Award Nomination Flyer
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