PayFlow & PayChain Staking Partnership.
Staking is the best passive income option for crypto beginners, Because they won't be affected by the impermanent loss.

To enquire first, contact  or through telegram

- Passive income for your holders stake and earn.
- New holders for your project, no risk to them.
- Benefits both projects with a mutual promotion.
- Your token can be traded on our swap - (easier to use and faster than PCS).
- Exposure through all our social channels.
- Both projects are exposed to each other's community.
- Support from our mods in your group for pools related questions.
- AMA (text and/or voice) with our CEO in the main PayFlow group and if wanted an AMA in your group.

What pool options? Some suggestions below but we can tailor options to your requirements.

Example option 1. *
30 day pool; 
a. PFT / YOURTOKEN  (rewards value $2k)
YOURTOKEN / PFT (reward value $2k)
Optional* YOURTOKEN / YOURTOKEN reward value $2-5k) [BNB fee] 
Benefit: exposure to more holders

b. YOURTOKEN / PACHA ( rewards value $2k)
PACHA/ YOURTOKEN (reward value $2k)
Optional* YOURTOKEN / YOURTOKEN reward value $2-5k) [BNB fee]
Benefit: exposure to more holders

Example option 2. *
60 day pool PFT / YOURTOKEN  (rewards value $5k) [BNB fee]
Benefit: longer pool

Example option 3.*
Benefit: exposure to more holders

Example option 4.*
Get your token listed with logo on our swap page
Benefit: Our and other communities can find your token with logo direct on the swap page. No need to import contract address.[BNB fee]

*Harvest and withdraw at any time. Higher amount can be given for higher APY or longer pools. If your contract allows you can whitelist so no token tax(if token has tax).

More information or questions ? reach out to or

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