Scripting game help
Hello and welcome to my google interview form, if your here from my live then great you should know what this is for, if your here from the comments section of looking at the link then ill explain, im making a game on Roblox, I need scriptures to help me out, now I know there is such thing as hiring people but I dont have money, if your willing to help me script/code the game for free out of your willingness then I invite you here, now someone in my comment section during my live brought to my attention that not everyone can be trusted or they may use their scripting abilities to do bad. this survey will allow me to decide who I will choose to help me. If I do choose you please know I only need help in placing music in specific places, having things move, have places lead to other games and a bit more.
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How well is your experience in scripting/coding
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A lot
a little
no experience ( then why fill the form out?)
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what kinds of coding do you know how to do and if so tell me? *
Are you willing to send me the scripting instead of joining my studio?
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Do you understand why I dont trust people to script my game and if so let me know? *
when are you able to help me script( dont be too specific just say the days of time?) *
how do I know I can trust you?
please leave your roblox username here or just comment in my comment section and @ me when you finished the survey
do you understand by helping me im not paying you and your just helping me just because you want to *
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