Tyringham Arts Festival Visual, Literary and Artisanal Artists and General Volunteer Submission Form

This community-based arts festival is a collective celebration of Tyringham's Visual, Artisanal, Musical, Literary & Performing Artists.

This form is for visual, literary, artisanal artists as well as for festival volunteers.

NOTE: Performing artists or artists interested in doing a workshop including literary readings, musicians, dancers, crafters, etc, please use Tyringham Arts Festival Workshop or Performance Proposal Form.

By submitting this form you are committing to participate. We are currently requesting 4 to 5 pieces per artistic discipline. The theme is "Tyringham", whatever that means to you. If you are an artist with several disciplines, please include those on this form. We guarantee accepting at least one to two pieces for each discipline. This is a non-adjudicated festival. To finalize your submission you must email digital images of your piece(s) to anngallo@ubutheater.org.

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If your art submission is NOT insured will you agree to sign an agreement that UBU Theater and the Tyringham Arts Festival is not responsible for any damage to your submission? *
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Would you like to participate as a festival volunteer The options are below. Please select as many as you would like.
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