Band Leadership Application
Leadership Duties:

1. Meet as a group once a month to discuss updates and upcoming band events.
2. Report to the band director any questions or concerns from your section or section members.
3. Communicate with your section during concerts, sporting events, and parades, as well as outside of class.
4. Assist the band director in distributing music to your section.
5. Organize parties, remind us about birthdays, and help keep band morale up!

REMEMBER: It is much more important that you are a good and kind LEADER rather than just the best PLAYER. You are here to serve the group, NOT the other way around!!!

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Using 200-300 words, answer the following prompt: being a good leader usually involves doing more work, not less work. Why do you want to be in band leadership? (tip: write your essay elsewhere and paste it here.) *
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