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Reference Form for Gateway Philadelphia Applicants
You have been asked to fill out a reference for a Gateway Philadelphia applicant. This should take no more than 5-10 minutes to complete. Thank you for your time.

This applicant is applying for a 6-week intensive experiential learning program for college students located in North Philadelphia called Gateway Philadelphia. The program is hosted and run by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA staff in Philadelphia, PA.
What is Gateway Philadelphia?
It is the vision of Gateway Philadelphia to see lives transformed by living the gospel in the midst of the city. Therefore, for 6-weeks students from schools in and around Philadelphia will be communally living together and serving together in the community of North Philadelphia. They will be exploring the intersections of faith and justice as they experience life in the city and process their experiences together while also considering implications for their own life and vocation. Through Bible study, cross-cultural training, working and serving in North Philadelphia, and daily debriefing, students are exposed to the issues challenging urban neighborhoods and have the opportunity to participate in what the Church community is doing in response.

Each student will be encouraged to process their experience and consider implications for their own life and vocation. They will also be challenged with developing cross-cultural relationships, living in community with other college students, stepping outside their comfort zones, and working with local organizations serving the neighborhood.

We have a high value of local churches and communities being involved in the acceptance, sending, counseling, and follow up of all applicants. Your honest and thorough answers to the following questions are greatly appreciated as we assess applicants and select the summer team.

To learn more about Gateway Philadelphia and InterVarsity go to
We need to receive all reference materials by March 31st.
Thank you very much.
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