Public Transportation in Montevallo Survey
The City of Montevallo and the Birmingham-Jefferson Transit Authority have enjoyed partnering together to provide our community with transportation services free of charge over the past several months. Unfortunately, the last day this bus service will operate is February 4th.

As we have publicized, this was a test program to evaluate the need for local public transportation. While we identified that our citizens do need public transportation, we have determined that we need an option that is more cost-effective, available in more areas across the city, and takes less travel time. In order to identify this option, we are asking for your input.

Our ultimate goal is to provide our community with a mode of public transportation that is safe, convenient, dependable, responsive and affordable. We are confident we can do this if we work together!

Safe travels,

Hollie C. Cost, Mayor

1. All About You
What is your age?
What is your occupation?
Your answer
What is your disability status?
Is there anything else you want us to know about you?
Your answer
2. Your Access to Transportation
Does your household have access to a vehicle that is running, licensed, and insured?
For the majority of your trips around town, how do you usually travel?
In the past 12 months, have you or a family member missed any of the following due to a lack of transportation? Check all that apply.
Are there places you would like to go, but can't due to your access to transportation?
If yes or maybe, please explain:
Your answer
3. Your Experience with the Montevallo Area Express
How frequently have you ridden the Montevallo Area Express?
If you have ridden the MAX, what is your purpose for riding the bus? Check all that apply.
4. Future Public Transportation Solutions
If affordable and reliable public transportation was available to multiple areas in Montevallo, how often would you use it?
If affordable and reliable transportation was available to areas north of Montevallo (i.e. Alabaster, Pelham, Hoover, Birmingham), how often would you use it?
What areas of Montevallo are important for public transportation to be available? Check all that apply.
What destinations are important for public transportation to access? Check all that apply.
What times would you most want to use a transportation service? Check all that apply.
How much would you be willing and able to pay a transportation service (such as a cab or bus) each way?
Would you support using city funds to provide public transportation to our community?
Please explain:
Your answer
How far are you willing and able to walk to access public transportation?
How important are each of the following characteristics and amenities when you're deciding to use public transportation?
1 - Not Important
2 - Somewhat Important
3 - Important
4 - Very Important
Length of ride
Weekend service
Very few stops
Clear fare structure
Easy to arrange
Wheelchair accessible
Comfortable seating
Scheduling app
Bike transportation
Free Wi-Fi
Do you need any of the following kinds of assistance when you travel locally? Check all that apply.
What is the best way for us to provide you with information about public transportation?
Please leave all other comments, questions and concerns here:
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