Request a Tribal Mentor
Need help getting your project off to a good start? Looking to make improvements to your data management process, or put a plan into place for future success? We can help! AT NO COST TO YOU, we will review your request and try to connect you to other tribal professionals who are experienced in managing environmental data and using computer-based systems or information networks. Mentorship experiences can also help you develop skills, gain new knowledge, and forge relationships to the peers and colleagues that help guide and support you along your journey. 

What does a mentor do?
Mentors provide useful information, recommendations, guidance, and valuable insight based on their experiences, to other tribal professionals who are in need of practical solutions and tribally-relevant strategies.

What does a mentorship look like?
Mentors can share information remotely (via email/web exchanges), or through direct, on-site assistance, either at the mentor’s location or that of the individual being assisted. Mentorships may involve assistance provided during a single interchange, or may occur over a period of time. Mentorship activities should have a designated goal and timeline identified; once completed, participants are required to submit a brief summary of their activities to report on outcomes, challenges, and next steps.

Please take 20-30 minutes to complete the following questions. Submission of this form serves as a REQUEST only. All requests will be reviewed and assessed for appropriateness and availability of funds. Please include as much information as possible about your needs to ensure that an appropriate mentor match can be made.

ITEP staff will review your request and work closely with our tribal partners to identify an appropriate mentor or mentors; if none are able to be identified, the requestor will be notified with other potential references or information as appropriate.

For additional inquiries or assistance, please contact
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