The 2nd Meadow of Surah Al-Fatiha | 6th November | A Day with Shaykh Moinul Abu Hamza & Family
Reconnect with Surah Al-Fatiha in way you have never before | 10am-4pm | Tea & Refreshments
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1. Your context matters, let’s apply each verse to the current mindsets we carry and the that healing our hearts need today

2. Unearthing more appropriate words in English for us to understand.

3. Explore the arabic roots, word choice and word order to words to discover a field of flowers.

4. Meaningful prayer. Understand the oft repeated verse you recite on average 27times a day, 1400 times a year!

5. There’s mind full and there’s mindful, learn how to carry Al-Fatiha as an ever-present lens to take notice every moment of your life as a heightened experience

6. Take a critical studies approach to tafsir. How to reconcile ALL praise owed to Allah (swa) while we see suffering and even traumas in our own communities and personal relationships

7. Humans branch out into three timeless human archetypes upon which all spiritual, intellectual and psychological typologies emanate. Reflect on your states.

8. Cultivate a wider vision for the Ummah as a means to serve humanity
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