Fast Forward Coach Application Form
Thank you so much for your interest in growing newcomer talent with PLACE.

We are on the look-out for a number of talented, committed and curious individuals to coach newcomers with ambition in the corporate sector thanks to a unique collaboration with L’Oreal.

The questions below are intended to help us identify the right coach profiles for our program participants. Your answers will help us better understand your experience in the corporate ecosystem and see who in our cohort would benefit most from your coaching.
First name
Last name
Phone number
Linkedin profile
Coaching responsibilities
The Fast Forward coaching consists of monthly check-ins with your Catalyst (newcomer talent) to help them set their own career objectives over the course of the Fast Forward program.

You will be supported in your role with tools and methods to help us document the learning experience of the Catalysts with solid data. This means that after each of your one-hour monthly video call with your Catalyst, you will receive a survey which will take you 5 to 10 minutes to complete. This step enables PLACE to have qualitative data on how everyone is doing and ensure adequate follow-up if needed.
Are you available for a monthly one-hour video call with your Catalyst from late September 2021 to mid April 2022?
Clear selection
Describe your latest experience when you had to develop talent and empower someone to reach their goals.
What are the topics on which you want to have an influence and change the status quo (biodiversity, women education, tech for good, etc)? Share up to 3:
Familiarity with intercultural settings
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Do you use any goal-setting methodologies, for yourself or to coach others? If so, which are they?
Thank you for your time!
We will be reviewing the applications and plan on following up with you by mid September. If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to our Fast Forward Program Manager, Hugo Pilate at
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