2020 Summer KCI Computer Science Crash Course Application & Registration

COSTS: Thanks to the generous support from KCI, the 5 day program will be offered at a cost of only $75. This will include parking, and coffee/snacks for all days. In case you are unable to fund this amount through your school/district or personally, we encourage you to use DonorChoose https://www.donorschoose.org/ to get this completely funded.

CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION: On completion of the program, you will receive a certificate for 30 hours of PD.

APPLICATION and REGISTRATION: Once you fill out the application, you will get a page with the link to register and pay for the program.

DETAILS ON THE PROGRAM : http://krauseinnovationcenter.org/programs/computer-science/

By applying for the program, you commit to attending the entire 5-day course in the summer. You are also encouraged to engage in the continued PD community during the school year by either attending some of the Saturday workshops AND/ OR participating in online discussions.
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