YR Pizza Planet/Orbit Lanes Job Application
YR Pizza Planet/ Orbit Lanes invites you to apply to join our dynamic team!

Employees must be able to follow recipes, listen to instructions given by superiors, have good time management skills, be able to work around hot ovens, have good customer service skills, and be willing and able to preform tasks to keep the entire restaurant clean at all times.

Benefits include:

-Biweekly pay

-Flexible hours

-Discounts on food

-Competitive pay

-Cross-training potential

-Career advancement possibilities

-And much more!

Please fill out this application so we can contact you when we do interviews.
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CREW MEMBER - No experience required
SHIFT LEADER - Food service or retail experience required
ASSISTANT MANAGER/RESTAURANT MANAGER - Management experience required
DELIVERY DRIVER - Must have valid License, Insurance, Registration, be over 18 years old, and no moving violations.
DOUGH PERSON - Must be able to lift 25 lbs.
BOWLING ALLEY MECHANIC - Similar to working on car engines.
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