HPA Ban Appeal Form
This is the ban appeal form for requesting re admittance for a previously banned account to the Harry Potter Amino Community.
This form is regularly checked by moderators and all valid applications will be reviewed and decided on by multiple leaders before a decision is made. It may take a week to two weeks for a decision to be made. If you do not receive a reply after this time, the appeal has been unsuccessful.
You may only submit an appeal through the form. Other forms of appeal will not be granted under any circumstances. You must wait for at least six months after being banned before submitting a ban appeal. If your ban appeal is unsuccessful, you must wait for at least six additional months before resubmitting an additional appeal.
Members banned for extreme sexually explicit content or other similar reasons will not be granted access to the community under appeal.
If you have any questions about this process, please contact a moderator.
I confirm that I have been banned from HPA for at least six months and have not accessed the community from any other account during that time. *
I also understand that if my response to this question is found to be incorrect, it will jeopardize the success of my appeal and future appeals.
Username of HPA profile: *
Link to HPA profile: *
Link to Global HPA profile: *
You may be contacted on this profile if we have any questions or information regarding your appeal. In this circumstance, a moderator will follow your account and you will need to follow their account in order for a private message conversation to be established.
Why were you banned from HPA? *
Please state any information that you wish to be considered in your appeal:
I understand that if my appeal is successful, I will be returning to the community on a one strike policy where any violation of the guidelines will lead to a permanent un-appealable ban. *
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