GRCB Youth Activism Project 2020/2021 Application
Thank you for your interest in joining Girls Rock Campaign Boston (GRCB) Youth Activism Project (YAP) this school year!

YAP is a free opportunity for girls and youth with marginalized gender identities, ages 13-17 or grades 8-12, to build a supportive community, expand leadership and research skills, and work together to change the status quo.

YAP will meet virtually from 4-6 pm on Tuesdays from October through June.

Youth involved will identify an issue that is important to them, research the issue, share their findings with the community, and take action to make change through activism and creative expression.

This pilot program is facilitated by GRCB but the issues, education, and action will be youth led.

Participants will be supported by GRCB staff and volunteers as they learn leadership skills and collaborate to make their voices heard.

FALL TERM: youth will work together to identify and research an issue that matters to them.
WINTER TERM: youth will make meaning out of the data they have collected and create a workshop or educational event to share their findings with the community.
SPRING TERM: youth will take action to make change around their issue through activism and creative expression. This could look like a protest, a social media campaign, a resource toolkit, a day of action, a video, an artwork, a performance. It WILL be awesome.
SUMMER 2021: During an optional intensive, YAP youth will take what they have learned and use this process on GRCB itself. YAP will identify an issue of concern for GRCB youth, conduct research on how well GRCB is addressing this issue, and present their findings to the staff and Board of Directors. This process will make sure youth voices guide the future and decisions of GRCB.

There will be additional leadership opportunities to steer GRCB social media for youth who are interested.

Please submit your application by September 23rd for consideration. Youth Activists will be notified about their acceptance by October 1st.

Please know that we have limited spaces for Youth Activists and may not be able to accommodate all applicants this year. Our goal is to cultivate a community that encompasses folks of different life experiences, backgrounds, and history of involvement with our organization. We also greatly consider applicants expression of wanting to positively impact and or learn from others in the space as well as their own self development.

Recommendation letters and proof of participation are happily granted upon completion.
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