Dear Principals, Teachers, School Staff and Students:

This school year is ending and I would like to thank you again for your diligence as we prepare all of our students for college and career. In 2017, we sent this YES Survey for the first time. We took notes of what you told us. Majority of those who responded gave us a good feedback. The results were sent to each school administrator and we even held a retreat to discuss the results of the 2017 survey. We listened to your suggestions. We also improved the survey and made it shorter
and easier to understand.

Your feedback is important to us and will be kept confidential. Kindly let us know if you have any questions or need more information. You may contact me at my email address at or Dr. Zeni Napa Natividad, who is the Administrator of Research, Planning & Evaluation and the overall chairperson of the “YES” Survey. Her e-mail address is “Si Yu’us Ma’ase!” Thank you!


When you respond to this survey, please think ONLY about this CURRENT school year and THIS SCHOOL where you are in.

1. In this school, teachers know how to teach, how to test, and how to grade students fairly and correctly. *
2. The school leadership and the teachers know how to find out what students need to succeed in school. *
3. Students, staff, or teachers that do their best in this school and succeed receive a reward or appreciation in a public program such as school program. *
4. I believe that teachers do not waste time in the classroom. *
5. In our school we have School Wide Learning Expectations (SLRS) and we know what they are. *
6. Teachers in this school go to training to learn from off-island consultants or to learn from fellow teachers about best classroom practices. *
7. Teachers have the materials they need to do their job. I do not need to buy materials. *
8. I believe that everybody in this school follows the Standard Operating Procedures or SOPs, school routines and rules, and also classroom rules.
9. The administration thinks of ways to change and improve school practices and policies. *
10. This school has a clear procedure so that I can speak openly even if I disagree with leaders.
11. I feel motivated to help this school accomplish the school goals.
12. I can easily talk to the administration and teachers (or fellow teachers) to know what’s going on in this school.
13. It is easy to make an appointment with or to find the school administration. *
14. I have a good understanding of this school’s vision and mission. *
15. I believe that teachers and school staff can make a difference in students' learning. *
16. Teachers seem to have a say in planning and carrying out important decisions in this school. *
17. The administrators and teachers know what to do when things go wrong in this school. *
18 The principal or assistant principal always goes around and visits classrooms. *
19 I feel welcome when I walk into my classroom. *
20. Students are treated fairly no matter what background or where they came from. *
21. The students in this school are well-behaved. *
22. The students in this school are safe. *
23. The students in this school care about learning. *
24. The students in this school respect their teachers. *
25. I look forward to coming to this school every day. *
26. The school facility is clean and in good condition. *
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