Adopt-A-Dog Inc.'s Foster Care Questionnaire
Thank you for your interest in fostering an animal in need! The community response during this pandemic has been nothing short of amazing. We are asking to please understand we have a longer than normal response time currently so we ask for your continued patience. We look forward to pairing you with a foster buddy! Any questions please email us at
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If you rent, please provide your landlords contact information (Name, Number, and Address) so we can confirm they approve of your choice to foster.
How long are you able to foster this animal? *
Do you currently have any other pets? If yes, please list below. *
Please specify name, species, breed, age, sex, and if they are spayed or neutered for each of your current pets.
Please provide us with two personal references we can call. *
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Would you be open to fostering a mom and her puppies? *
While fostering you may have a pet in need of at-home medical care. Are you comfortable with doing any of the following? *
If you have had experience with a special needs pet, please provide information on your experience. *
Will you permit Adopt-A-Dog, Inc. to visit your home to check-in on the foster pet? *
Are you willing to attend Adopt-A-Dog, Inc.'s Online Foster Orientation before taking a foster home? *
Would you like to be added to the Adopt-A-Dog mailing list to receive updates about the shelter typically once a month? *
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