SuperCells Token(SCT) Angel Round Whitelist is Live Now!

Time: February 14th - 20th

Total Supply: 1,000,000 USDT

Individual Quota: 100 USDT

Transfer Address: 0x5A065c8b6Bf86bef0Dc815046f2D1c1EC490eca4

📙Rules: Users can receive the whitelist quota after completing the questionnaire survey. Each whitelist quota is 100 USDT. If the number of whitelist participants exceeds 2,000 people, one super cell basic package-A package (worth 100,000 USDT) will be air-dropped, and the winning will be confirmed in the form of a lottery.

📍SuperCells is the world's first blockchain-based SuperCells membership service ecosystem, to create a metaverse for SuperCells storage, cultivation, R&D, trading, service, and incubation.
SuperCells Token(SCT) is the platform token of the SuperCells and the governance token of the SuperCells Metaverse.

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1.Your gender *
2. Your education?
3. Are you interested in biomedical knowledge?
4. Have you ever heard the term "stem cells" before? *
5. Do you know about stem cells? *
6. Did you know that stem cells in your body become less and less active as you age?
7. Do you know the difference between hematopoietic stem cells and mesenchymal stem cells?
8. Did you know that stem cells can be used to treat disease and delay aging?
9. Do you know which of the following diseases can be treated with stem cells?
10. Has anyone around you used stem cells to treat disease?
11. Do you feel that the current society attaches great importance to stem cells?
12. Do you think the application prospect of stem cells is great? *
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