2021-2022 Tang Institute Fellowship Application
*Due Friday, November 20 at 5:00 p.m.

Thank you for your interest in being a Tang Institute fellow. The fellowship application is an opportunity to reflect on your ideas and values about teaching and learning. We look forward to engaging with your responses and your thoughts.

We seek fellows who will work collaboratively to engage with challenges that are central to the Andover community and the broader educational community. As we have in the past, we seek to support teams of faculty who will work together on a common project. We are especially interested in proposals in the following areas of focus: Equity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racist Education; Instructional Coaching; Reimagining Pedagogy; and Interdisciplinary Initiatives.

The application process will unfold in two steps, which will allow applicants more time to refine their project ideas and plan for the year ahead. Preliminary decisions will be made in December, with formal fellowship notifications taking place in February.

Please see below for details on our project areas of focus:

Reimagining Pedagogy
Fellows in this track will continue to explore innovative approaches to teaching and learning. Projects that span more than one department will work closely with the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies.

We seek collaborations that will bring together two (or more) academic departments. We are particularly interested in teachers who are interested in bringing interdisciplinary perspectives into core courses (taken earlier in the academic program by a large number of students) as opposed to upper-level electives.

Equity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racist Education
This track is open to projects that continue to advance the work of equity and inclusion on campus. Projects with a curricular focus will likely work closely with the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies.

Instructional Coaching
Individuals in this track will be asked to do several days of professional learning at a conference over the summer. They will mentor 2–3 teachers weekly in a collaborative, non-evaluative manner during the term in which they receive their course reduction.

To the extent possible, we will ask fellows in the same focus areas to request a common free period for next year. This shared free time will enable collaborative work together on a weekly basis that will support and sustain the ongoing learning of individuals and the group.
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