2017 OxfordHack Volunteer Information Form
We hear that you are interested in volunteering at Oxford Hack (being held on the Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th of November 2017). First things first, welcome to the team! It would really help us out if we had an idea of what you would like to do - if you aren't sure, no problem. Just let us know if you do.

Disclaimer: The information in this form will be used by the organisers to determine where you may fit as a volunteer. Your information is not shared with anyone else without following up with you first.

Deadline for applications 11th November 2017.

Visit oxfordHack.com to apply if you would like to be a participant, not a volunteer
Swing by facebook.com/OxfordHack
Tweet @oxfordhackathon
email darkblue@oxfordhack.com

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