Feedback form Students about BJVM Teaching 2018-19
B. j. Vanijya Mahavidyalaya,
V.V. Nagar
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1.The entire syllabus is completed in time: *
2. The teachers are punctual and regular in taking lectures and practical: *
3.The teachers come well prepared for the class *
4.The teachers encourage participation and discussion in class: *
5.The teachers’ attitude towards the students is friendly & helpful: *
6.Modern teaching aids, power point presentations, web-resources, etc. are used by the teachers while teaching: *
7.The teachers are available and accessible in the Department after lecture timings: *
8.Periodical assessments are conducted as per schedule: *
9.Attendance record of the students is maintained by the teachers: *
10.Regular and timely feedback is given on our performance: *
11.The evaluation process is fair and unbiased: *
12.The teachers guide the students for overall personality development of the students: *
Feedback from Students about BJVM College:
Feedback from Students about BJVM College:
1. The office staff in the college is cooperative and helpful: *
2. The library staff is cooperative and helpful: *
3. Online educational resources are available and accessible in the library: *
4. Internet facility provided in the Library is satisfactory: *
5. The prescribed books / reading materials are available in the library: *
6. Equipment in the lab(s) is in good working condition: *
7. Results are displayed by the college: *
8. Separate common rooms for girls and boys are available: *
9. Toilets / Washrooms are clean and properly maintained: *
10. The classrooms are clean and well maintained: *
11. The campus is green and eco-friendly: *
12. Clean drinking water is available in the college campus: *
13. The buildings / classrooms are accessible to disabled persons: *
14. The campus has adequate power supply: *
15. Our grievances are redressed / problems are solved well in time: *
16. The functioning of the placement cell in the college is satisfactory: *
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