Service Learning Survey
Read the following issues and possible service projects and pick the one you think would be the best for our 4th and 5th graders to work on.

1. Issue - Reading/Literacy - Some children in our community don’t have access to books at home.
Service project - create Little Libraries and set up in the community, keeping
them stocked with donated and weeded children’s books.

2. Issue - Technology/Literacy - Some adults in our community need help in learning how to use technology, eg. email, google docs, spreadsheets, educational databases.
Service project - Computer kindergarten classes for adults with students tutoring and
Translating selected topics in technology using chromebooks in the library.

3. Issue - Aging/Lonelines - Aging adults in our community are often isolated and lonely.
Service project - 4th & 5th graders visit local nursing home on regular schedule to interact with older residents, playing games, reading together, enjoying music and talking.

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Which of the the above is the best for PS8 students to work on?
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