2017 BYMC Summer Session
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• Weds ~ Girlz Only                   Thurs ~ Co-Ed

• July 19, 20 -  Rule Your Room with littleBits
This workshop introduces Makers to electrical circuits. Design and create battery-operated ways to protect your valuables and turn some  ordinary thing into an awesome, interactive invention.

• July 26, 27 Designing Mobile Apps
 Select an app idea, develop a prototype, and design a mobile app!

• Aug 2, 3 What's in a Computer
Like to bust things up? Explore what is inside a computer by taking one apart. Learn to identify each piece as we take them apart. We will supply the computers and the screwdrivers!

• Aug 9, 10 Makey Makey
Turn everyday objects like bananas into touchpads! ​L​earn how to set up a Makey Makey board to control your computer and create a Scratch program controlled by a Makey Makey.

• Aug 16, 17 Videocasting
 Learn to construct stories and prepare for the Internet! Import media, edit in iMovie, prepare videos, gather images using Google Advanced Search, create B roll, and prepare a news episode.

•Aug 23, 24 You Can Code
Learn to use ​Blockly​ and ​CodinGame​ by solving challenging problems with coding puzzles, mazes and games to explore!
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